FEN 2000 Conference
March 31, 2000

Modifying the Environment ~ Intervention ~ Criminal Justice System

(click on the small picture to see larger picture)

Georgianna Wilton
Conference Coordinator

The Kellermans
John and Teresa

Janice from OlderFAS
with "new mom" Karen

Robin la Due
with her fans

Lois and Ruthanne
of Thunderspirit Lodge

Kathy and Justin
waiting for dinner

Justin and Kathy
of Madison

Kelly E.
getting a John hug

Shelley's Family
at conference center

Chelsea bouncing
in hotel pool

Shelley with JD
wet and wild

Bob Schacht
from Arizona

Read notes from presentations given by Robin la Due and Susan Doctor:
Susan Doctor on Modifying the Environment
Susan Doctor on Intervention

ROBIN LA DUE: FAS in the Criminal Justice System
(These should print out as two-page documents)

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