Labor Day Thoughts

Dare I say
Happy Labor Day?

A holiday
Lazy day
Bar-B-Que day
Sit in the shade and sip lemonade day

Ah, I think I shall
Take the day off today

I dare not fantasize
of time to relax and let go
I dare not daydream
of free feelings, free time
I dare not close my eyes
for even a minute
I dare not relax my vigilance
for even a second

My labor
My job
Has no day off
No lunch hour
No break time
I am a mother of a child
with FASD

But I shall try to
Have a Nice Day
I shall try to
Minimize the fuss
Lower the din
Ward off the chaos

Who am I kidding
To believe that I
Mother of this precious child I love
Could possibly tame
The Terror 
That holds my child captive
That rules his life and mine
That gives me no rest
No peace of mind
That Terror
with the fancy new name
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Where is my child's rainbow
in this Spectrum
While trouble rains
And Terror reigns
My Labor Day pains
For his injured brain
So hard to explain
His behavior again

Dare I say
Happy Labor Day?


by Teresa Kellerman September 2, 2002
Grieving the Loss of the Dream