"Journey Through the Healing Circle"

This award winning educational series, to help parents and children work with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, is now available to parents, schools, libraries, and other social services.

"Journey Through the Healing Circle" is a series of videotapes, video CDs, and professionally illustrated workbooks. The series is narrated by Native American Storyteller Floyd Red Crow Westerman, who uses animal stories to talk about children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and the problems families face with these effects.

Floyd Red Crow Westerman is well known for his acting role in "Dances with Wolves. In the videos he begins the stories with, "We have gathered here with Grandfather, our Creator, the ones who fly, the ones who crawl, the ones who swim, the ones who walk on four legs, and those beautiful spirits...those who have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol-Related Conditions...who have come to earth as volunteers to teach us what we need to know to heal in our communities".

The stories tell about a fox named Stays in the Moment, orphaned raccoon twins named Best Day Ever and Little Mask, a teenage bear named Sees no Danger, and a grown-up puffin named Travels in Circles. Each character dramatizes the challenges FAS and related conditions present at different stages of life. Through a storyteller, the series offers frank and honest information in a non-judgmental way. It provides insight and guidance into some of the most challenging manifestations of the disease for families in all walks of life.

Written by Dr. Robin LaDue and Carolyn Hartness (both Native American professionals in the field of fetal alcohol services) and illustrated by Raoul Imbert, these stories present frank, honest information in a way that children and adults find inviting and even entertaining.

Produced by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services the series has attracted national and international attention, receiving and being nominated for several awards as an outstanding educational video.

Books and video clips can be downloaded from www1.dshs.wa.gov/ca/Fosterparents/journey.asp.

You can also order the videotapes, books, and CDs directly from the Washington State Alcohol/Drug Clearinghouse at 206-725-9696. An order form can be downloaded from the above website with a full range of prices and product options.

For more information, contact:

Washington State Alcohol/ Drug Clearinghouse
3700 Rainier Avenue South, Suite A
Seattle, Washington 98144
206.725.9696 fax 206.760.0589

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Community Resource Center