Little Letters

in the car while travelling home with my two FASers 
from yet another therapy session,
I had approached my limit of endurance.
Their fighting, giggling and flopping around behind me 
while I try to drive the highways
had almost done me in. 

I stopped the car to get them both to calm down 
and told them that I wanted each one to 
write me a letter 
telling me why they were sorry.
I was forceful and intimidating and really a royal B***
but they calmed down.

After we arrived home, 
they handed me their notes.

From my 9 year old son:

"Dear Mom,
I love you so much 
I feel like I will kis you when we get home 
and I am not kidding with you. 
By, Chris"

From my 8 year old daughter:

"Dear Mom,
Sometime I fell 6 sick. 
But when you make me fell better by giving me tea.
Sometimes when I fell crazy 
you sent me to my room to make me colme down 
and it relly works. 
When I bump my head you fix it by puting ice on it. 
When my battery runs out my mom always put more in. 
And you buy me a belt,
so my pance don't fall down. 
Thank you Mom."

My heart just runs over for these two kids!

by Susan Barrett, January 14, 2004
Grieving the Loss of the Dream