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Risk and Reality: The Implications of Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol and Other Drugs 1973 to 1994, Government Report of Research (62 pages long when printed)
Early Research 1978 to 1994, compiled by CHEM-TOX.COM
Research about effects of prenatal exposure on sexual behavior
Maladaptive Behavior Presents Greatest Challenge - Streissguth 1991
FAS and Autism
1992 from Royal University Hospital in Canada
The Adverse Effects of Alcohol on Reproduction 1994 A review from the literature by Tuula E. Tuormaa
Secondary Disabilities 1996 from Dr. Ann Streissguth
High Levels of Alcohol Result in Facial Features 1996 from University of Wisconsin-Madison
Characteristics of Pregnant Women Who Binge Drink 1997 from Motherisk Hospital, Toronto
Genetic Clue to FAS 1997 from Washington University
Social Drinking During Pregnancy 1997 from University of Wisconsin
Extramural Research Portfolio for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 1997 from the National Institutes of Health
FAS and Middle Ear Disease 1997 from Bowman-Gray School of Medicine
Alcohol abuse by teenagers linked to prenatal exposure 1998 from Streissguth et al
Link Found Between Protein in Brain and Short Term Memory in FAS 1998 study from University of So. California NEW!
Fetal Alcohol Exposure Linked to Mental Illness 1998 Study published in American Journal of Psychiatry
Women at High Risk of Drinking During Pregnancy 1998 Study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Arrested Social Development 1999 from Dr. Edward Riley
ADHD can be caused by alcohol 1999 from NIAAA
Light Drinking Affects Baby's Ability to Learn 1999 Report from Professor Peter Hepper. Related article: Affects of light drinking on baby's ability to learn 1999 from The Queen's University of Belfast newsletter (pdf file).
FAS in Europe - 1999 by Katy Jo Fox
Structural Brain Integrity of FAS in Nonretarded Cases 1999 from Christine Loock, University of British Columbia
Single Binge Can Damage Baby 2000 from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
National Institute of Health 2000 new research on nerve growth and development
FAS 4-Digit Diagnostic Code 2000 from Astley & Clarren at the University of Washington
Labels: FAS or FAE? 2000 from Streissguth at University of Washington, Seattle
Behavior in Children with Heavy Prenatal Alcohol Exposure 2000 from Riley and Mattson in San Diego
Sobering Work: Unraveling alcohol's effects on the developing brain 2000 from Texas A&M University Health Science Center and Charness of Harvard Medical School, and other research studies (Includes photos from Dr. Ed Riley's research on the corpus callosum.)
Direct and indirect effects of prenatal alcohol damage on executive function 2000 from Streissguth et al
Low Dose Prenatal Alcohol Exposure Linked to Childhood Behavior 2001 from Wayne State University. "Maternal alcohol consumption even at low levels was adversely related to child behavior; a dose-response relationship was also identified. The effect was observed at average levels of exposure of as low as 1 drink per week."
Alcohol Consumption Compounds the Effects of ADHD 2001 article on research funded by NIAAA about alcohol's adverse effects on behavior
Alcohol Exposure Makes Perceiving Emotions Harder 2001 the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Cognitive-Motor Development in Children with FAS Similar In Various Cultures 2001 from Phil May et at at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
Long-Chain Alcohol Found To Block FAS Mechanism 2001 from National Institute of Health
Prenatal Cocaine Exposure Study 2001 from Boston Medical Center
Related Article: Crack Babies: False Image
Social Drinking Can Cause Brain to Shrink 2001 from Japan
Light Drinking During Pregnancy Can Lead to Behavioral Problems Later 2001 from Children's Hospital of Michigan
Few Women Admit to Drinking During Pregnancy 2001 from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
One or Two Drinks Daily May Harm Baby 2001 from University of Wisconsin
Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Childhood Behavior 2001 from Wayne State University
Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Attachment 2001 from UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute
Drinking May Alter Thyroid Function 2002 from Texas A&M University
New Link Between Alcohol and Miscarriage Found 2002 from Denmark
Alcohol use during pregnancy doubles risk of ADHD 2002 from Harvard Medical School
Rate of Binge Drinking During Pregnancy Unchanged 2002 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
See related article: Rate of Drinking During Pregnancy Still High
Clinical implications of a link between Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - 2002 from O'Malley et al
Midline corpus callosum is a neuroanatomical focus of fetal alcohol damage - 2002 from Streissguth et al. Related article: FAS and the Brain
High rate of psychiatric illness with prenatal exposure to alcohol - 2002 from O'Conner UCLA
Depression, Alcohol Use Linked in Pregnant Women - 2002 from University of Pittsburg
Related article about research on use of antidepressants during pregnancy (New York Times 2004)
Medical texts lack direct messages on alcohol's threat to pregnancy 2002 American Journal of Preventive Medicine
Related Article
One Drink a Day Affects Size Later - 2002 from University of Pittsburg
Child cancer link to pregnancy drinking - 2002 from Georgetown University
Drinking During Pregnancy Linked to Sex Problems - 2002 from University of South Carolina in Columbia
Little alcohol could damage fetus - 2002 from University of New Mexico Medical School
Compounds Found to Prevent Alcohol-Related Developmental Damage - 2002 from Harvard and National Istitute of Health
Paternal Alcohol Exposure Affects Sperm - 2002 from Wayne State University
New test can reveal baby's alcohol exposure - 2002 from Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children
Sudden infant death syndrome linked to binge drinking during pregnancy 2002 CDC study
Rate of FASD in Foster Care 2002 study by Astley and Clarren NEW!
Family Distress High With Suspected FAE - 2003 from G. Wilton
Stimulant Therapy May Reduce Risk of Substance Abuse - 2003 from Harvard Medical School
Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol Increases Risk of Alcoholism Later - 2003 from University of Washington
Executive Functioning in Children Prenatally Exposed to Alcohol - 2003 Case Western Reserve University
New mom-child alcohol link found - 2003 Streissguth at University of Washington
Binge Drinking and Unintended Pregnancy - 2003 from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Prevention of FASD by Identification of Birth Mothers - 2003 from South Dakota
Fetal Brains Suffer Badly From Effects of Alcohol - 2003 report of various recent studies
Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol Linked to Diabetes - 2003 report from researchers at University of Manitoba
Rate of FAS among children available for adoption in Russia 2003 study from the "adoption doctor."
Motivational Intervention Reduces Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies 2003 CDC study by Sobell et al
FASD and ADHD: Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and ADHD: diagnostic implications and therapeutic consequences 2003 by O'Malley & Storoz
Guidelines for Referral and Diagnosis of FAS -2004 from CDC (62-page PDF document)
Prenatal alcohol exposure causes long-term serotonin neuron deficit 2004, Indiana University School of Medicine. NEW!
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