Serenity Prayer for Parents of Children With FASD
God, Grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
like my child's permanent brain damage 
that cannot be cured,
and a system that is not perfect, 
and probably never will be,
and the fact that life will never be normal 
for me or my family again,
and the fact that no one else can care for my child
like I can,
and that there will never be enough funding 
for DD/MH services,
and that there will always be know-it-alls 
who know nothing at all...

The courage to change the things I can,
like the amount of awareness 
of FAS issues in my community,
and my own awareness 
about effective advocating for my child,
and my methods of parenting 
that can always be improved,
and my family environment at home 
with rules and role models,
and meds, diets, visitors to my home, 
and other stress factors,
and my temper 
which doesn't have to be lost so quickly or so often,
and my attitude of tolerance and forgiveness, 
not only for my child, 
but for the ignorant jerks 
who really don't know any better...

And the wisdom to know the difference,
and if I forget, 
that I will listen to the wisdom 
of other parents who have walked this path.


by Teresa Kellerman, April 19, 2001
Grieving the Loss of the Dream