Happy Mothers Day

With no hesitation do I declare 
each and every Birth Mother, Adopted Mom and caretaker Mom 
a miracle among us like a breeze floating in air. 
The tasks you do, 
to help your children battle the flu. 
The unconditional Love that flows from you heart
makes us all feel smart. 
Mothering a Special One takes more then a degree, 
but you take control 
and gladly accept that role. 

Everyday is Mother's Day in my heart for you, 
the law makers haven't a clue. 

Thank You Mom for being who you are, 
with your Love and guidance I will truly go far. 
Within my damaged brain and within my heart, 
I see only a Angel that has been chosen to embark. 

Happy Mother's Day to all my FASD-Family 

by Stephen Neafcy, May 8, 2005
Grieving the Loss of the Dream