Teresa Kellerman
FAS Consultant

Teresa Kellerman is an experienced presenter who conducts workshops on FASD for agencies, families, and providers around the U.S. She is the FAS trainer for the US Department of Justice Drug Courts, Family Courts, and Tribal Drug Court Programs. She also conducts trainings for the Arizona Department of Health. Teresa is the adoptive parent of special needs children, including John, a young adult with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome who sometimes accompanies Teresa as a co-presenter.

Teresa has attended several national conferences where she has learned the latest strategies for working successfully with children with neurological disabilities. She has presented with Dr. Eugene Hoyme, geneticist, with Dr. Gail Harris, founding director of Parent Connection, and Dr. Ed Riley, FAS researcher. She serves on the boards of the Pima Council on Developmental Disabilities and Pilot Parents of Southern Arizona, and is active in the Arc of Arizona. Teresa was a participant of the workgroup for the FAS Surveillance Project in Arizona for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. She is currently contracting with SAMHSA's FASD Center for Excellence.

As the Director of the FAS Community Resource Center in Tucson, Arizona, and President of Fasstar Enterprises, Teresa advocates for families, consults with professionals, publishes a newsletter, writes articles, facilitates support groups, produces workshops, and offers classroom presentations to students of all ages. She produced an educational video “FAS: Everybody’s Baby” and has designed posters to raise awareness about FAS prevention and intervention.

Teresa helped to organize FASWORLD, an international coalition that promoted the first international FAS Awareness Day. She has authored published articles, including a chapter in a popular new book on FAS, "Fantastic Antone Grows Up" (Alaska Press). She is actively involved with FAS Alaska Project FACTS. She is a co-founder of FAS Arizona and assisted in conducting Arizona's first statewide conference on FAS, "Looking Up the River," and recently designed and published www.fasarizona.com, a website for FAS resources in Arizona.

With more than 25 years experience working with children with FAS and related conditions, and 12 years experience training professionals on FAS issues, Teresa is happy to share her secrets to successful intervention in preventing the disabling secondary disabilities associated with FAS. Her presentation covers all areas of prevention and includes intervention strategies for alcohol-exposed infants, children, adolescents, and adults.

Teresa shares a wealth of information on the Internet at this web site: www.come-over.to/FASCRC

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