You Don't Think!

"You don't think!" 
the angry father demanded

"You don't think!" 
the concerned teacher remanded

"You don't think" 
the frustrated mother cried

"You don't think" 
the aggravated friend reacted

"You don't think" 
the crazed sister screamed

"You don't think" 
the harried judge proclaimed

"I know... I don't think" 

"I react, 
I don't think, 
I am impulsive, 
I don't have good judgment, 
I don't plan what I do, 
I don't get the consequences, 
I don't work on it, 
I don't learn from my experiences, 
I do the same thing over and over again."

I am not stupid.

I just don't think.

I just can't.

by Carol Echternach November 14, 2004
Grieving the Loss of the Dream