Maybe the times will burn out
Feelings delete Dejected an eye can see
Some say it's fire or cross reincarnate
If that's our legacy
I'm several years picking up this way
Don't feel no martyr
There ain't no menace or motive
To believe in a new life
Where every sense is a rapport
An explanation is our reward
They save all their pity for me
If that's what they call our legacy
But remember the truth's we're all slaves
And there's no one to save us
I'm shaking, buddy it's true
'cause I miss you
You should be here with us
I'm shaking only for you
Transistion's cruel
Without a meaning or motive
You're caught up a storm, up a gap
You didn't feel the way it turned out to be
Eventually it's a loss it's a torment
Yeah, it's our legacy
As I walk here You walk there
Feelings are crossed Feeling despair
Whispering words but I cannot react
Breaking the waves Can't go back
I live here You live there
Feelings are crossed Feeling despair
You've frozen my eye with your sudden goodbye
If I knew where to find you
If I knew how to fly
I'm not just a friend tested trough the art
Of a human being like it or not
Though it might sound cheap
I still count on you, man
As I'm searching for the best way
To say goodbye


dedicated to a very close friend who died of HIV/ADS
in the darkest hours.. I am there...

by Zak, May 23, 2003
Grieving the Loss of the Dream