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We Are Not Alone!

"Let us put our heads together and see what kind of life we can make for our children." - Sitting Bull

Mail list for news stories and articles about research
related specifically to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
(90 subscribers, 1-2 messages per day)
Note: This is not a support group. If you
need a support group, choose from the lists below.

People With FASD,
Safe group for adults with FASD
Moderated by Claudia Barker

Nutrition for FASD
Discussion group for nutritional approach to FASD
Moderated by Dr. Diane Black

FASD Canada
Support-discussion group for Canadian families caring for children with FASD

FAStFriends Mail List
Collaboration of parents, professionals and community members
(75 subscribers, 8-9 messages per day)

FASresource Mail List
Open list to learn more about FAS
(300+ subscribers, 10 messages per day)

For discussion of FAS/ARND
(100+ subscribers, 1-2 messages/day)

For bio moms who have given birth to children with
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
(11 subscribers, infrequent messages)

4AdoptFASD Mail List
For families who have adopted kids with FASD
(100 subscribers, 2-5 messages/day)

AdoptFASDCanada Mail List
For adoptive families in Canada
(10 subscribers, 1 message/week)

RAD-FASD Mail List
For families whose adopted children are alcohol exposed and
have symptoms of Reactive Attachment Disorder
(300+ subscribers, 50 messages/day)
Carol's Journal: The Life and Times of CE

Support list for parents and mentors of adults who have FASD
(150 subscribers, 1-5 messages/day)

OlderAdoptFASD Mail List
Support list for adoptive parents of older children with FASD
(75 subscribers, 1-3 messages/day)

FASDlane Mail List
Support list for adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
(25 subscribers, 1 message per day)

for parents who wish to homeschool their children with FASD.
(50 subscribers, 1-3 messages/day)

HISFAS Mail List
Christians who are either family members of individuals
with FAS/ARND or who have been diagnosed themselves.
(100 subscribers, 1 message per day)

FASD Birth Parents Mail List
For birth moms of kids with FAS and ARND
(30 subscribers, 1 message per day)

Large international discussion list for parents, professionals and
persons with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
250 subscribers, 25 messages per day)

FASAE Germany
FAS Forum in Deutch language
(150 members, 10 messages/day)

*** Support Groups Around the World ***

Alaska Parent Group
Private list for parents in Alaska
Email Us to Join

California Mail List
for parents and professionals in California only
(150 subscribers, 2-5 messages/day)

NEW! Southern California Mail ListNEW!
for parents, educators, caregivers, and professionals in Southern California
(25 subscribers)

Colorado Support Group
for families in Colorado only
(30 members, 1 message/day)

Connecticut Mail List
Parents and professionals working together
(10 members, infrequent messages)

Florida Mail List
For families and providers in Florida only
(50 subscribers, 1 message/day)

Michigan Mail List
for families and caregivers in Michigan
(100 subscribers, 2-5 messages/day)

Minnesota Message Forum
Virtual Family Center (VFC)
Private online community for families
in MN affected by FASD.
Community wall, private messaging, family blog, regional groups

Missouri Mail List
For families in Missouri raising kids with FASD
(15 subscribers, 1 message/week)

NEW York Mail List
Support for families in New York State
(15 subscribers, 1 message/week)

South Dakota Mail List
Through the University of South Dakota
(50+ members)

Texas Mail List
For families and providers in Texas only
(50 subscribers, 1-2 messages/day)

Forum for Adults with FASD
Fun games and interesting discussions

FAS Message Board
From FAS/E Support Network in BC


"Our children are leaky ships sailing on the stormy seas of life with NO RUDDER to guide them. They are too busy bailing water to notice where they are most of the time. If they do see they're in trouble and can see a safe harbor, they have no way to reach it." --Eva Carner, parent.

NEW! Fasaholics Anonymous
For a humorous perspective on FAS

(before you call the men in the white coats)

Click to subscribe to Fasaholics Mail List

where you can post jokes and prayers and silly stories to relieve the daily stress of living with FASD.
(100+ subscribers, 1-5 messages per day)


"The Gift of Support"  

Tis a night like all others
there is some short term peace in the house
sleep stole the moment so no one is around.

I sit and fight the hard knot in my throat
I wonder how I will make it through
3 might mares soon to wake them both
one from the terror the other from screams
It matters not which one wakes 
from the other or wakes from the dreams.

There will be trips to the toilet
and they will sneak to the fridge. 
I wonder if I have hid all the dangers,
or if they still will find them.
I know I must stay awake and alert.
The one that likes knives soon will start 
his search.

I am tired and I can't bear it, I think I will break,
surely no one else lives like this
No one else has these FAS days.
It must be me, a problem in how I chose them to raise.
Maybe I don't punish enough maybe I am to short on the praise

OH Please someone help me, tell me it will one day be okay.
Tell me what to do right, what never to say.  
I am lost in a world I have so few skills to live in
I don't know what to do. I feel like I have no friends.

I drop a note on a sight I found one comes right back 
I feel so proud
It's a mom who has been there and knows where I am at.
A mom who knows others that struggle with life and FAS

There is a place on the computer they all meet and they talk
they share dreams and hopes that seem to not stop
There are grandmas and grandpas, mom's and dad's.
There are brothers and sisters that feel kind of sad.

But there are tricks they have found to make it easier to do
This business of raising kids with a problem or two.
They have little miracles hidden in every day things.
Experiences that worked and some that failed miserably

The sharing, the caring, its suddenly is not so hard
I start to see flowers out in the yard. 
I feel the air everyday I still breath 
My new friends remind me 
That Happiness is still  free.

Thanks to all members of my group for being 
there for me.


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Updated November 10, 2011
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