Because I Am a Parent

To be honest,
I didn't care what issues the child I was given had. 
I knew that I would do
my level best to address them,
one day at a time. 
I was so thrilled to have a child at all
after infertility and waiting for years
for a child to adopt, 
I didn't care what color, nation, or creed the child was
or what he or she had. 
I was a parent. 
I had been granted the opportunity to become a parent,
and I basked in the pure joy of it! 
I wouldn't have given that child up for all the world. 
Still wouldn't. 

Because I am a parent, 
I have learned what a selfish spoiled daughter I was. 
Because I am a parent, 
I have made new friends who have heart
to replace the old shallow ones. 
Because I am a parent, 
I value every moment I get to share with these sweet souls. 
Because I am a parent, 
I strive to be someone they want to emulate. 
Because I am a parent, 
I know peace, joy, and great pain. 
I am more alive in every minute 
because of the responsibility of parenthood. 
It makes me become MORE of who I should be, 
and for that promise,
I thank GOD every night.

by Diane Kerchner, October 28, 2001
Grieving the Loss of the Dream