Leaving Home

It's the death of what we all consider as "family".  
It's out of the normal order of things
to have a child leave home 
before it's time
before he becomes an adult
able to live on his own.  

We all have the dream 
that we will be able to instill in our children 
the independence, 
sense of values 
and character 
to be able to live as good people 
in a community 
no matter where they go.
because of the screw ups in their brains 
as a result of interference 
of the prenatal use of alcohol and drugs, 
that just isn't going to happen.  
Therefore, even though we feel that
we should be able to salvage something out of this, 
there is the grim realization that 
we can't.

by Val Surbey, July 23, 2002
Grieving the Loss of the Dream