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12/16/02 Alcohol Industry Sued for Marketing to Children

Moderate Alcohol Use Linked to Atrophy of the Brain

12/3/2003 A Lawsuit Against "Big Alcohol" for Advertising to Underage Drinkers

12/1/03 AWOL: Alcohol high with no hangover

11/17/03 Even a Little Alcohol Affects the Brain

9/5/03 US Study: Millions of New Substance Abusers

9/2/03 Leave No Child Behind Means Make 'em Vanish Commentary by Bill Mahr

8/6/03 Debate over safety of SSRI anti-depressants

7/31/03 Critical Period of Addiction Vulnerability in Adolescents

7/22/03 Report Calls for Coherent Mental Health System

4/4/03 Neighborhoods Influence Alcohol Sales

4/2/03: African American Drinking Patterns More Deadly

3/25/03: Brain Region Connected to Alcoholism More research on neurology of alcoholism

7/2/02: Alcohol and the GABA Synapse New brain research on alcoholism

6/17/02: Scientists hope for alcoholism cure

6/13/02: NIH reports ADHD is underestimated

5/7/02: Placebos work to help depression

4/20/02: Binge Drinking Damages the Brain

4/12/02: Neuroscience Discovery of Missing Link

3/19/02: Ecstasy may affect developing fetus

3/13/02: UN warning on child mental health

3/13/02: Alcohol researchers find genetic locus of human brain wave

1/20/02: Drinking May Alter Thyroid Function

1/12/02: Millions of underage persons will be exposed to hard liquor ads

1/12/02: Yet more evidence that many drugs cause same addiction

1/12/02: Father's Love Influences Drug Abuse

1/12/02: Conduct Disorder May Increase Drinking Risk

1/12/02: Precocious Puberty and CNS Findings

10/16/01: Drunk drivers often have mental disorders

10/11/01: Cocaine, Pregnancy and Risk of Intrauterine Death

10/10/01: US teen smoking down; alcohol, drug use stable

10/2/01: Drug May Stop Brain Shrinkage - A study of primates' brains says a European drug seems to counter a worrisome side effect of major depression - the shrinking of an important region of the brain.

9/28/01: Amygdala's Inner Workings Researchers gain new insights into this structure's emotional connections

9/25/01: Children Should Be Checked for Lead Poisoning

8/18/01: New Understanding Of A Key Control Mechanism In The Brain

7/31/01: Fetal Nicotine or Cocaine Exposure: Which is Worse?

7/31/01 Effects of Prenatal Cocaine Exposure Are Subtle But Significant

7/27/01: Evidence for a gender-related effect of alcoholism on brain volumes

7/27/01:Dangers of psychiatric drugs rise with heat

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