30-Minute Break

I gave the wife a 30-minute break today & took the kids to feed.
The 8 year led the 2 year old under the horses feet 
The 2 year old tried the same with the cows & bull. 
After a week of rain & mud galore.
They rolled it, molded it, and packed in their shoes.
This mud makes momma sing the blues. 
The cats were chased; the dogs got painted yellow -
Who gave her the paint she said - dad got mellow. 
Then the baths & battles ensued
Boy how that 8 year old can be rude.  
The smack for sass - little was gained -
A hug from dad made it seem sane. 

Now this 30-minute break requires hours of cleaning
Dad goes to the barn & leaves her beaming
He thinks he did good giving this break 
Unaware of the serious heart ache
As he finishes his chores at 11 or more
He wonders if she will want a break once more. 

by Bob Vick

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