Poem by Daisy, age 12

I never knew how much this life was hurting me
Never knew if I talked back to some body
Never knew what kind of punishment would hit
Never knew why I did it anyway

Why couldnít I just be regular?
Why couldnít I just say ďO.K.Ē
Why didnít I give it up
Why couldnít I just listen
Why did I have to argue
Why couldnít I just say ďO.K.Ē

Life would be more easier if 
I just listen to the teacher and state
But no, I donít want to give it up
I want to argue and hear, ďshut upĒ
I want my own way even if itís my life

Thatís why itís so important that I should 
Stop and think
But no, I donít think before I open my mouth
Then the anger comes out and hits someone

And then afterward Iím sorry
Tears come down and then I cry.