This babe so small, just four months old,
seven pounds, not much at all.
Placed in our arms to love and care,
the rest of our lives with us to share.

Unlike the other babes wed had,
this babys face looked old and sad.
A pitiful bundle, light to hold,
this baby damaged by alcohol.

Brain to small to ever grow,
and learn the things she needs to know.
Cleft palate that would hinder speech,
and eyes that out to us did reach.

Tube in the nose with which to feed,
a child who really had no need
of milk and only felt the pain,
of needing just one drink again.

Sleepless nights and through them all,
this baby suffering from withdrawl.
Eyes that asked to help her through,
the pain that she was going through.

We did for her just all we could,
the therapies, we knew we should.
but how it hurts when we must find,
shs mentally four years behind.

And now at eight and oh so small,
this child who hardly grew at all.
so full of life, yet wants to know,
"Why is it Mum that I dont grow?"

So off we go now once again,
on the ride of the therapy train.
And pray to God one day well see,
her grow as she was meant to be.

The advertisments never show,
a child like her whos dealt the blow.
Of living life right from the start,
different and set apart.

So pregnant women everywhere,
if you must drink, please think of her.
Its time the whole world got to know,
of these babys damaged by alcohol!

Ann Gibson 1996
For Sinja and every other FAS kid!