Me, Myself and I

I've made another stupid mistake!
I can't believe I have the nerve to ask for a break.
I don't know why I do what I do
Maybe I could fix it if I had a clue.
They say its my brain, they say it's all waked out.
They tell me I'm a statistic, but that's not what I'm about.
If I'm screwed up in my head, then why do I know right from wrong.
I don't think I'm a drug addict for hitting the bong.
I have dreams like everyone else
It's just I choose to keep them to myself
Why do I hurt the ones I love
I need help from the man up above.
But I'm running out of patience, I can not hold on.
I've hurt too many people in my life, some of them are gone.
Once to go the go,
some because life lied, some because I've stolen,
some because of blow.
Look you stupid people, I'm tired of this crap,
Someone reach out and give me a slap,
I know I'm a good guy at heart,
I can change my life, just tell me where to start.
We all screw up sometimes, trust me I've put in my time.
You don't know what it's like to live a life of crime.
I must turn myself around, pick myself up off the ground.
I will hold my head up high, look and sigh,
And try not to give up hope, sometimes this pain is too much to cope.
There will eventually be better days, believe it or not,
You just have to pay the way life plays.
Who cares what people think and say about you.
These judgmental people are hypocritical idiots, without a clue.
They don't know what it's like to grow up today,
This world is so messed up I can't even begin to say.
Keep your head up and eyes open, quit all your moppen.
Feel sorry for yourself, too bad.
Life is to short to always be sad.
This is just a piece of my mind.
Live it up, have fun, cause you never know what you'll find.

by Dan

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