A Poem for Katie
Nola and Katie, August 2000

You challenge me to live each day, 
By understanding your own way 
From you Iíve learned so very much, 
And have seen first hand, 
the hearts youíve touched 

Youíre not so hard to figure out 
Living with you day in, day out 
To society you are a hex, 
Because to them you are complex. 

They havenít seen your open heart, 
And to explain, where would I start. 
I think the best would be to show, 
How with lots of love you really grow! 

Iíd tell them how you make me feel, 
That your smile is the best way to heal, 
That nothing beats a Katie hug, 
Except to cuddle up so snug! 

I love your pure and utter joy 
And sure have never seen you coy, 
To some you may look kind of wild, 
They just donít know my sweet child. 

I hurt for you each time I see 
My Angel fall from the tree 
To protect you from the world out there 
I think for you is what is fair 

I walk that line in trying to mother, 
That doesnít feel too much like smother 
You have such vision and great dreams, 
And deserve to realize them it seems. 

When we listen, you make perfect sense
Itís them my dear, they make it tense 
You will not fit their nice round mold, 
And telling them sure does grow old. 

So wipe the tear from your eye, 
Letís show them how hard you try, 
When you have done your very best, 
In Godís eyes, youíve passed the test.

Nola Barry