The Thief in the Night
by Stephanie
It was the fading of the light dancing across her room ... the small droplets of color slowly sliding down the pink wall of her room, being eagerly drank by the thick warm carpet, that caught my eye. Dark black shadows sailing across her small angelic face had stolen my movement... forever lost in the moment. The sheer power of intense deep love for her overwhelmed my soul and threw me to my knees, breaking the silence for a moment. I kneeled before her peaceful sleeping still body, the fragrance of baby shampoo and soap drifting in and out of my senses. The night is a thief, it slips in quietly and takes away the memories of the day... the peanut butter spread artistically over the wall, the small helpless wailing of a baby kitty taken hostage by a child who understands nothing of others' feelings. It stole away the super human feeling I had when she decided to run out the door into a parking lot... laughing the whole time. It took the anger at a mind of a child who has hidden from her the ability to be safe. This little body and soul of hers is safe at the moment... the thief will slip in later like the first wave bring in the tide and along with it bring back these things that now are forgotten.
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