Invisible Weights

by Randy
August 12, 2001

Invisible weights,
which are dragging me down,
are making me life so tough.
Doing things others find easy
can be so hard for me.
One side says I should be able to
but when I try to do these things,
monolithic stones slow me down
making it very discouraging.

Now when I say it's very discouraging
I don't mean I cannot.
I've learned in life that by saying
"I cannot" to anything
is more crippling than anything
that can ever happen to me.

So I try to use those weights
to my advantage to make me a better person
and to overcome my disabilities
and hopefully someday conquer them.

So instead of saying the easy thing
"I can't"
instead I dig my heals in and say
I can !

© 2001 D. R. McDonald
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