How to minimize screaming (yours, not theirs):

  • Structure with daily routine, with simple concrete rules
  • Cues (again and again and again), can be verbal, audio, visual, whatever works
  • Role models (family & TV), show them the proper way to act, children mimic us
  • Environment with low sensory stimulation (small classroooms, not too much clutter)
  • Attitude of others, understanding that behavior is neurological, not willful misconduct
  • Medications, vitamin supplements and healthy diet are quite helpful
  • Supervision - 24/7 (lack of impulse control and poor judgment at all ages)

  • This is what works for me. My son, John (full FAS age 28) is happy, never been suspended, institutionalized, imprisoned, or abused, and he looks forward to a bright future. Nobody screams, and we can usually find favorable solutions to most problems.
    The Sweet Sound of Success: How and why the SCREAMS model works

    Why supervision is so important