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The following books have been selected by the FAS Community Resource Center as the BEST books available on pregnancy and childbirth. Thanks for ordering your books from the FAS Book Store.

Best Books on Pregnancy

Review by Time Magazine

From Conception to Birth:
A Life Unfolds

A Child is Born

Beautiful photos
by Lennart Nilsson
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The Girlfriends'
Guide to Pregnancy:
Or Everything Your Doctor
Won't Tell You
by Vicki Iovine

The Pregnancy Journal:
A Day-To-Day Guide to a
Healthy and Happy Pregnancy

by A. Christine Harris PhD

Mayo Clinic Complete
Book of Pregnancy
& Baby's First Year

by Robert V. Johnson

Best Books on Childbirth

The Birth Book:
Everything You Need
to Know to Have a
Safe and Satisfying Birth
by William, M.D. Sears,
Martha, R.N. Sears
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Pregnancy, Childbirth,
and the Newborn:
The Complete Guide
by Penny Simkin, Janet
Whalley, Ann Keppler
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Immaculate Deception II:
Myth, Magic & Birth
by Suzanne Arms
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Rediscovering Birth
by Sheila Kitzinger

Best Baby Books

The Baby Book:
Everything You Need to
Know About Your Baby
from Birth to Age Two

by William Sears, Martha Sears

The Happiest Baby on the
Block: The New Way to
Calm Crying and Help
Your Baby Sleep Longer

by Harvey, Md Karp

Caring for Your Baby
and Young Child:
Birth to Age 5
by The American Academy
of Pediatrics

Favorite Baby Things

Kick 'N Crawl Barn

by Fisher-Price

The Mozart Effect -
Music for Babies -
Playtime to Sleepytime

Dedicated to the One I Love
Linda Ronstadt CD

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