Directions to the Fetal Alcohol Resource Center

As if going to the Tucson airport, go south on Tucson Blvd., South of Valencia
DES-DDD is on the SW corner of Tucson Blvd. and Medina (1 block S of Valencia)

Turn left into the driveway with the VXI sign. The main lot is on the right.
There is an attendant station with a stop sign. No attendant, so no need to stop.
Park wherever you can, and find the sidewalk leading to the center of the complex

Walk on the sidewalk until you see 3 steps going up to the left.

You will walk into a courtyard that is in the center of the complex.

Go to the left up the slanted sidewalk in the courtyard.

Continue to walk east to the end of the complex.

There will be signs directing you to the DES Entrance. Keep walking.

Go in the entrance and announce yourself to the receptionist.
The Fetal Alcohol Resrouce Center is just to the left (sign next to the door).

If you get lost, call Teresa Kellerman on her cell phone (520) 296-9172