FASlink is a free Internet maillist for individuals, families and professionals who deal with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

FASlink provides support and information 24/7.

FASlink has the largest archive of FAS information in the world.

FASlink serves parents (birth, foster and adoptive), caregivers, adults with FAS, doctors, teachers, social workers, lawyers, students and government policy makers, etc.

Bruce Ritchie is the Moderator.

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That should do it. Don't add anything else, like "Hello" or "Thanks" or a signature. This part of the work is done by an easily confused robot with no social graces.

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Welcome to the FASlink Family.

ACBR.COM provides the software and technical support.

Rivernet Connections, our Sarnia ISP, have graciously offered to host the FASlink Listserv computer.

PUBLIC FORUM: While FASlink is a subscriber listserv, members must be aware that this is still a public forum and what they write on any listserv could be seen by others outside this list. FAS is not the type of subject matter that would normally attract undesirable predators; however, reasonable caution on any listserv is always advisable.

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