"The neatest little weird kid in the world"

Eldon at age 9

Hi my name is Eldon and I am 9 years old. I am Lakota Sioux Indian . Mom says my other Mother Loves me very much but she was young and has a problem with Alcohol and Drugs and just couldn't take care of us. The us is my sister Mary ( who live with my Auntie) and my sister Jacqiue (who lives with a lady in another Town). Mommie says families are important so I see my sisters often. I came to live with my Mom and Dad when I was 4 months old. Mommies best friend told her husband that "Sue has taken a baby in that was going to die". Well that didn't happen. I didn't do much I kind of just laid around a lot. I didn't make much noise. Boy did I get over that. When I came to live with Mom and Dad I also got some more brothers and sisters.

My brothers live in different states so they did not make as big a pest of themselves as the new sisters did. Mom and them girls rolled me over a lot moving my legs and arms to make them stronger. Then they would sing and play games with me all the time.

When I came to live with Mom I started having really good meals ( real formula not powdered milk and water) Mom didn't care how long it took for me to eat so I got held a lot. Then them pesky girls and Mom did that roll over, move arms, watch toys all those things that would not let me stay a lump.

Mom and Dad didn't know what was good for them. I mean I don't sleep all night not even now. I went to a hospital and they wired me for sound and said I have a sleep disorder. So if they would not let me be a lump I would not let them sleep. Unless I got to go in their bed. I still woke up but I liked it there. No one opened the door and made me cold and there was not a lot of noise. I had a lot of ear infections still do. I only have borderline hearing, and something's make my skin crawl. Things like clothes, hard things, soft things, the Dr. had a test done I have some thing called Sensory Integration Disorder. I have a whole alphabet things like FAE that means Fetal Alcohol Effects that's because My other mother drank when I was in her tummy. I have trouble learning thing but Mom says it will just take a little longer because I learn different. She told me I am very smart and some day I will fly away. It will just take my wings a little longer to get there. Sometimes I have a brain drain and do a lot of screaming, I break things. Mom says if I break my stuff To Bad if I break other peoples stuff I have to work and pay for it. Sometimes I get stuck on the way you do things or a certain color. The Dr says that is called Obsessive Compulsive. I take a lot of medicine but it makes it so I can learn better.

Two years ago my Mom told me that she wanted to stop Ladies from drinking Alcohol when they where going to have a baby. She said some people might make fun of me when she talked about my problems. I said that was ok if it would mean no baby would be born like me. My Mom is the bestest Mom in the world She says I'm the neatest little weird kid in the world.

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