Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Family Album Snapshots

Francis, 21, the graduate

Francis' Mom, Claudia

Francis' brother, Robert,
winner of the
This is my son, Francis, he was born with side effects from my drinking during the pregnancy. I had no idea that alcohol could be so distructive. He looks fairly normal to most people, and he is polite, hard working, loves sports, animals and eating. All his life however, he has had problems adapting to new situations, controlling his moods, headaches, and seizures. At birth he couldn't breath well, and he didn't cry.....he was limp. He lived in an incubator for the first few days of his life, weighed barely 5.5 lbs. Now he is 21, but at times he still behaves like a child of about 7 and he has to take medication to control his seizures. He doesn't understand the term "cause and effect", which means he has trouble understand rules. He had trouble all through school, they was not one year, not one, that he didn't get suspended for violent behavior. Schools and teachers never understood him, and would always blame me for being such a bad parent...Why didn't I discipline him? They just never understood him, nor do they now. Punishing him is fruitless, and if anything will make him worse emotionally. He has suffered more from the Secondary disabilities of FAS, than from the seizures and other physical problems....like hearing things, seeing things, fears, bedwetting and the list goes on, and he suffers often from depression.

If you are thinking of becoming pregnant and drink alcohol or use drugs, please reconsider! If you are drinking and think you are pregnant please stop, reach out for help NOW! Please, for the sake of the unborn babies "yet to be", don't drink while you're pregnant. Babies and alcohol/drugs just don't mix well.

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