Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
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Jennifer (FAS) age 17

Hi all my name is Jennifer and I am now 17 going on 18. I first came to live with my now adopted mom and dad as a foster child at 2 1/2 years of age. I had been living with my bio. fathers parents was such a hyper on the go child that I had been in all the fosterhomes and no one could keep me very long,so they asked my grand parents if they would look after me. Well they had to move away and couldnít take me so, I was moved to a new foster home. They are now my mom and dad.

They kept me until I became available for adoption. Then they adopted me. They tell me that they had fallen in love with me and just couldnít let me go. They said I didnít need to be uprooted yet again. So despite the fact that they knew I had problems they were ready to take me on. They did not find out that I had FAS until 1994. It has been a rough road but we are all still a family find it very frustrating allot of the time because of the FAS. But my family is very understanding.

Mom has home schooled me since gr.6 and this is the last year for school. But we will go on learning life skills and math and reading.

I love to write and draw, and love to read. I have a library of about 700 books.I love animals, we have a dog, missy and mom has a lynx point siamise cat, lynx. I love horses and many other animals but I have a real thing about spiders...I donít like them at all. I am glad my parents adopted me, they love me and I love them.

p.s. mom just loves her faslink family

Email mom (Edith) at harold.woodward@sympatico.ca

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