MATT, FAS, age 5

Matt with his family

Matt's story:

I was born to a birth mom who couldn't take care of me. She had a lot of problems with addiction. She made an adoption plan and she sent me to live with the family that also adopted my biological sister (Alicia). When I was born, my head had no soft spot, so I needed an operation to fix it. I now have a 13 inch scar on my head that I call my zipper. I also had a hole in my heart and reflux. From that I became Failure To Thrive and I had all kinds of problems. I never slept as a baby. The slightest noise would startle me. I had a really big seizure once and it scared Mom and Dad. I didn't walk till I was two and got plastic shoe inserts. I learned to talk by Mom and Dad using sign language and pictures to help me focus. I was diagnosed with FAS at Children's Hospital.  I probably have a mild case of PDD and I sometimes need to grab something tight when I am excited.  I get in trouble when I do this to my dog.I also LOVE my sit-and-spin.  It helps me unwind.  I am a good kid, and I have a special relationship to God.  I love to pray, and sometimes that makes my Mom tear up. I trust EVERYONE,  and that makes my parents nervous.  I need to be supervised 24/7.  My Grampy fixes heavy machine trucks and I LOVE that, too. My sister Alicia and I are in swimming lessons and I love that because the water feels good.  I don't like when people let go of me in the water.  I love my sister, too--sometimes. Her story is under her picture! God Bless You!

Mom says I can play on my Tonka C.D. now Bye!

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