Stephen (FAE) and Zoe

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When I first moved to Tumwater, Wa I had another Dog named Babe she was a Terrier Dashhound mix! We where together for almost 5yrs., She had a problem with gaining to much weight and many times I was told to have her put to rest! I tried but I could not she was everything to me, we did everything together! If I was invited to dinner somewhere and Babe could not come I would decline! I loved her so much I was in away married to this pooch LOL!

When I moved to Tumwater, Wa I sent Babe ahead by one day and My Sister Nancy Picked Babe up at the Airport! I was hard on Babe and Myself, we had a touching reunion the next day! We stayed with my sister for a few days before moving into my just purchased used moble home! As the days want by Babe started to act confused and senile not knowing what to do and had a hard time breathing! I called the The Vet which is just down the street and explaned Babe Symptoms and Dr. Bennett said it sounds like Babes time but bring her in and we will give Babe a check up! So I did with tears in my eyes walk Babe dawn the street to see Dr. Bennett, Dr Bennett gave Babe a check up and said Babe History with Her weight problems and Babes reaction to Her trip From Glendale Az. to Tumwater, Wa it took its toll on her and Babe will get worse and worse and suffer more and more so I had to make the chose to be Humane and put Babe to rest! I was with Her Till the end I held her close as Dr Bennett Injected her with her last breath all along telling her How much I loved her! She want limp and also want in Peace I was sobbing and the hurt I felt was one I have never felt before because I had made this decision and it was so overwhelming and I walked home and I felt so empty! I told myself never again will I put myself through this, no more pets! I had a card made up with a tribute to Babe Neafcy and sent it to all my Family and friends!

About a month later Nancy My Sister answered a ad in the paper of a cute Silky Terrier who was found on the freeway and the woman already had I think 6 or 7 huge dogs! Nancy without telling me want down and fell in love with this silky, Nancy used to breed silky terriers! Anyway Nancy called me and told me the story and said she would drop this little guy off and if we did not bond or take to one another Nancy and Her Husband would take Him! Well It was love at first sight! I once again was able to pour my love out and I also am confinced that The Lord broght us together!

I was searching for a name and first came up with Serenity for the Serenity Prayer but this did not Fit! I was taking My anti- depressent and thought This little guy does the samething for me as Zoloft does that is how Zoe became Zoe The Great!

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