Claudia's favorite online unit studies for homeschool:
Music: MP3s by well-known orchestras and instrumental soloists.  They also have biographies of compsers and samples of their music This has 78 interdisciplinary topics from the Salem Witch Trials to the Bill of Rights "if you didn't think rock and roll had a place in the classroom, this site will convince you otherwise.  Play with virtual musical instruments, plus games and puzzles  biographies and audio samples and games related to jazz  This site features musical instruments that were played during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance as well as a unit on Shakespeare's England and the music of the Elizabethan theater kids' songs with lyrics and a workshop onhow to make instruments that kids can use to play along with the songs
CHINA  introduces the teachings of Confucius
Sun and Sun Safety
Reading and Cultures - this one sends you a free video and lessons
Free Readers' Theater scripts: - From Remus to Rap: A History in Theory and Practice of the African-American Storytelling Tradition - MOIRA'S BIRTHDAY
(based upon the orginal book by Robert Munsch) - FREE SCRIPTS AND TEACHER'S GUIDE