Attention Burned-out Coalition Diehards!
Easy FASDAY Guide

Hey, FAS activists!  Are you too tired, too busy, too late to do FASDAY?  Want to participate in the 2nd annual International FAS Awareness Day on September 9, 2000 -- but you’re strapped for resources, time,  energy and volunteers?

We’ve just solved your problem! You can host an easy breakfast event, because we have it all planned out for you!


Saturday, September 9, 2000

It's Exciting!  It's Effective! It's as Easy as A.B.C.D.E.F.G.

Agenda Buy video Checklist Documents Easy plan Followup Grand Finale

You can choose from two excellent videos that will tell you more about FAS: the new 24-minute Canadian video, “Different Directions: Understanding Fetal Alcohol Syndrome,” or, the 17-minute U.S. video,"FAS: Everybody's Baby" distributed by Fasstar Enterprises and John Kellerman, a young man with FAS.

Make it easy on yourself.

The goal of this informal breakfast premiere is to create a little more awareness in your own community.  All of us volunteers throughout the world are building awareness, a little bit at a time.  If you manage to make just a handful of people in your own community learn more about FAS, you will impact on some lives in a way you never know.  And at the same time, you have the opportunity of making some valuable allies.  That’s why our motto is a quote from Canadian-Australian author, Janette Turner Hospital:

“I have read that the oscillation of butterfly wings in Brazil
may set off  storms in Texas.”

Click on the following pages and print out what you need. Join the flapping butterflies around the world – we really can make big changes.

Table of Contents
A.  Agenda for FAS Day Breakfast Premiere
B.  Buying The Videos
C.  Checklist
D.  Documents and Handouts
E.   Easy Plan - The Foolproof FASDAY Formula
F.   Followup
G.  Grand Finale
Oh, yes...everything here is optional.  Feel free to adapt as it works best for you and your community. (Even if you’re forced to do it on the 8th!)

This program was originally developed by Ontario’s North for the Children and FASworld Canada, and funding was made possible by Health Canada. This version has been made available for people building FAS awareness all over the world. The recommendations and opinions expressed here are those of Ontario’s North for the Children and FASworld Canada and do not necessarily reflect the official view of Health Canada.

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